I’m So Impulsive…

Ok!  This is so new to me, but with the turn of the year I have decided that there are a few things that I must change (permanently, lol).  Thus the appeal of the title of this particular post.  You see I have no problem with making changes, but do I have an issue with being steadfast in my decision to change something. “I’m So Impulsive.”  In making these changes and ridding my life of impulsiveness, I’ve decided that I will take it all out on tumblr (lol). I will no longer make impulsive decisions based on boredom or uncertainty instead I will take my time, weigh my options, and talk you guys ears off about it.  I’m sure my close friends who are reading this know exactly what I am talking about.  In fact, they always tell me when I start to nag or get overly excited about something, “We’ll see how you feel next week.”  It’s so true, someone once said, “Jazzy, you change your mind as often as people change underwear.”  So, with the hopes of sticking to my New Year resolution:  Implementing direction in my life and reading the Bible in its entirety, I have decided to BLOG and if you would be so kind to give me feedback(positive energy) I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Until we meet again,